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Pam Genant is a Democrat running for the United States House of Representatives to represent everyone who lives in North Carolina’s 14th Congressional District. Our district includes the counties of Burke, Cleveland, Gaston, Rutherford, and parts of Mecklenburg and Polk.

The people in our district deserve a voice that can truly speak for everyone living here. We need someone who’ll stand up and fight for things that’ll impact all of us. That person is Pam Genant.













Pam grew up like many of us, straddling the line between poverty and making ends meet. She has known both joy and heartbreak. And maybe because of her experiences with both, Pam devotes herself to helping better the lives of others. She’s a registered nurse, U.S. Army veteran, small business owner, mother of two children, fierce crusader for people’s rights, and a passionate advocate in suicide prevention.


In Congress, Pam will fight for things that matter most like a world-class public education system that provides a step toward a brighter future for all our children and good paying jobs with businesses that treat workers with respect. 





" My mom, Maggie, was the strong compass in our family, always taking whatever we had left over at the end of the day and giving it to our neighbors to help them out.


My dad, Wayne, was a quiet man who kept things to himself. He and his twin brother, Billy, served in Vietnam. Uncle Billy never made it home. But dad never really talked about that time in his life.


Dad was a machinist at a local manufacturing plant but in 1975, he decided on a career change. He quit the plant, bought a single-engine boat, and became a fisherman, he dug clams for a living. He worked hard and in the winter that meant temperatures that could get down to zero degrees.


I remember him coming home late at night, his hands white from frostbite, and sitting by the fire to warm up. Always quiet. Never complaining. He just did what needed to be done.


In 1996, a little more than a year after mom was killed in a car accident, dad died by suicide.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about them, and I carry in my heart the values they taught us – help your neighbor, always work hard. And that’s why I’m running for the United States Congress.

I’ve lived in Burke County for more than 25 years now with my husband Jackson and our two grown sons, Dallen and Phillip.  I’m a registered nurse and I served as an officer in the United States Army during Desert Storm.


When we launched this campaign, we did it with two things in mind – every vote matters and everyone deserves a shot at the American dream. We have a lot of work to do to make those values a reality and we need you in this fight. We can, we must, and we will do better. Our best days are yet ahead. And together with you in this fight, those days will be here sooner rather than later."

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